Top Tech People – Midlands

Can We Count You In?

As we grow our database of Tech, Digital and IT businesses – all of which are either growing or want to grow – we are organically building a valuable grouping of the most ambitious and agile businesses in our sectors.

  • Typically, these are turning over between £1m and £25m and are focused on growth through improved sales processes, dynamism at top table level and some new science to help them generate higher quality sales-qualified leads for their sales people to get their teeth into.
  • We get the owners and marketing directors of these Tech businesses together to discuss and compare notes on all aspects of maximising performance. This means maximising personal leadership performance and the sales team and product performance of our group members.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, come along to one of our Business Leaders Masterclasses or sign up on the right hand side of the page to be kept in the loop.